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'... when a young maiden becomes one with the flowers'
Japanese Dancing

She is renowned for her repertoire and her presentation

She possesses one of the most elaborate kimono and obi collections in the west

Miss Aoyama has developed a new form of modern Japanese folk dance which has had universal acclaim and is also a member of "British Equity".

Miss Aoyama is one of the few masters of Japanese classical dance in the United Kingdom.

She studied in Tokyo since the age of 8 under the tutelage of Senichro Nishikawa who was one of the most prominent proponents of Classical Japanese dance and who only accepted a few promising young people as students.

She studied with him for ten years before being permitted to dance in public.

Miss Aoyama has given recitals in London, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, and Athens and is recognised as one of the foremost proponents of Classical Japanese dance in the west.

She is now in a position to offer to teach this unique dance style to a few special applicants.

She also can present recitals to corporate clients and can choreograph and produce Japanese dance themes for private functions as well as corporate ones.